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5 Things You Should Consider When Choosing The Right Words Expressing Yourself

A perfectionist could spend countless hours or even days coming up with the right words to express himself. Some of us do not have such time. Here are some tips you would find helpful while trying to pick the right words to express yourself.

1. Audience: This is the first to consider when expressing your ideas. who are the people listening? Are they very conversant with the topic? These are the questions you should have the answers to. If you know your audience and the kind of people you are dealing with, it will assist you in choosing the right words

2. Self Representation: You have to consider what you are saying, is it representing yourself or some dictionary, or an article speech writing software. Remember that you are expressing your ideas, so you have to present yourself in your own words. It is not a bad idea to consult your dictionary, but try to keep it simple and understandable

3. Insight: To express fully an idea in the right words, you have to understand the topic you are writing or talking about. Assuming I want to write or express an idea about Chelsea F.C, I will have to know their players, coach and a brief history of successful and unsuccessful games and other relevant information. Without having the basic or deep knowledge of a particular topic, it will be difficult to pick the right words to express your ideas.

4. Research: This may not seem very important to you, but it is of great important when trying to pick the right words to express your ideas. You have to make further research about the topic and not just rely on your existing knowledge which could be either outdated or not totally reliable. Assume after expressing your idea an your audience asks you to elaborate on a particular point. If you don’t have insight of the topic, you will end up referring them elsewhere or even dogging the questions. Avoiding questions can be a total turn off to your audience.

5. Confidence: Your inner thoughts will some worth appear in your expression either written or oral. Work on your confidence and make sure you believe in yourself before writing a speech or expressing your ideas. Try to clear all doubts in your mind, if you feel nervous, reassure yourself and focus on your points and the goals you need to achieve.

Practise makes perfect. Constantly expressing of your ideas will continue to improve your skills in verbal and written communication. Its Most time preferrable to learn the language you want to express your ideas in perfectly. It aids easy ideal expression, it also makes choosing the right words easier.

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