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2008 – A Year of New Hope and Struggle

The past year has been a stressful, yet a worthwhile experience. It has taught many of us to survive the daily battles that we fought. We can never be what we are today if we have not experienced the joys and sorrows of 2007.

Most of us might remember the pains that the old year has brought us. But we should be thankful that we are still alive and kicking. We should never lose hope in believing that tomorrow will just be another day. All the things that happened to us have a purpose and reason for our being.

A number of good predictions are ahead for 2008. Let us cross our fingers that all these will come true. As for the Chinese feng shui experts, the lucky number 8 shows infinity. When positive thinking, hard work and prayers are instilled in our every day living, surely we will have a worry-free and prosperous year.

Certainly, the coming of a new year is a moment of hope and struggle. It is something to look forward to as we come to new challenges and aspirations in life.

This year is another chance to start anew and examine what we have been through for the past year. Let all the bad things that we underwent serve as lessons in life and the good ones be our memories of continuing life.

Let us begin our blissful year with all the positive energies, prayers for God’s guidance and wisdom, and to be more conscious of the things we do.

May all the people in the world start to find peace in their hearts and be joyful for the simple blessings that each of us receives every day. Let us join hands as we live for the best of 365 days for 2008. Cheers and God bless to everyone.

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